"Buy less, choose well: that’s the maxim. Quality, not quantity. That’s the most environmentally friendly thing you can do." — Vivienne Westwood

I will help cure your nothing-to-wear-itis. My successful closet audit will see immediate results. Reviewing the entire contents of your closet, my purge and merge method will rid yourself all the things cluttering your vision of your true style.


Your Closet Audit begins with a personal and private closet review in your home. I dive hands-on into your clothing and eliminate what doesn’t work, recommend tailoring where needed to save your checkbook, and donate clothing that is outdated, ill-fitting, unflattering, or over-worn. I’ll thoughtfully talk about each item and decide its fate together. What happens to the pieces marked for donation? I will deliver your donated items to a local charity and mail the tax deduction form back to you within 10 days.


Once your wardrobe has been edited, I will show you how to make the most of your current clothes and accessories. We’ll talk about how to mix and match your current pieces; create new combinations and outfits and suggest pieces you may want to add that really reflect the personal style you are creating. I will take pictures of the outfits so you have a catalogue of what you learned. And it’ll be more than 1 item each time, I promise.