"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself." — Nina Garcia

Wardrobe stylists aren’t only for celebrities. No, it’s true, I am here for YOU

Your personal fashion guide, consultant, and expert on dressing YOU. I’ll work with your existing wardrobe and your individual lifestyle and image to maximize what you already have and, if necessary, selectively adding new pieces with two goals: low cost and priceless happiness.

So what does this look like?

A wardrobe stylist is like your very best friend, with fashion benefits. Offering a fresh perspective to see your own wardrobe in a whole new way.

How does it work?

Typically, a wardrobe stylist will physically look at your entire wardrobe in the privacy of your own home. A wardrobe stylist will then do a closet audit, deciding which clothes to keep (and potentially alter), which to store and which to give away.

How would a wardrobe stylist help me?

Discovering and learning to communicate what is unique and special about you through style can have a positive effect on your attitude, business, personal relationships, and life. Learning how to outfit, how to dress your shape, and learning how to not throw your money on useless pieces are key in the process. If you can upcycle, mend, alter pieces, that saves you money, and is better for the environment

Common Comments 

“I’m too embarrassed to show anyone my closet!” or “I have way too much to go through”
I understand and believe me when I say, you are not alone. There may be trepidation to call, or even a smidge of panic to pre-clean your closet, but please don’t. It’s important to see the “natural habitat” of your clothing and wardrobe, so I really understand your lifestyle. All we ask is that you have everything ready to look at, including shoes and accessories. Clean is optional.

“I stand in front of my closet and feel like I don’t have anything to wear.”
Because collectively go through a through an old stand-by Purge, Merge, Splurge process, WE will be able to create new outfits (and recommend where to fill in the gaps) and create you your customized look book. Taking pictures of the outfits creates a visual library. Getting dressed becomes a breeze. Clean is still optional.

“I really want to work with but have no money to shop”
That’s totally ok. We will concentrate heavily on the Purge, Merge and leave you detailed notes on what to Splurge on when money is less tight. I get it, we can shop your own closet.

“You will throw everything I own away”

Really? Everything? I doubt that. You probably need to call for fresh eyes on your wardrobe. Maybe a consultation and thorough assessment of your closet and wardrobe are in order before the Purge. We can always do that another time.